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                  Utilizing biomechanical technique analyses, Dr. Yessis and his team create a customized training program specifically for you, complete with ongoing education and sport-specific training products.


                  We believe that every athlete can be improved: that he or she is capable of performing on a higher level with more speed, more power, more accuracy and more strength and cardio respiratory endurance. Through biomechanical technique analysis and concurrent development of the physical qualities with specialized strength exercises specific to the athlete's technique, the athlete will perform better on the field, court, ring, track, or in the water.

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                  The unique biomechanical technique analysis followed by a customized training program consisting of specialized strength exercises that include explosive plyometric exercises specific to improving the individual athlete's personal technique. This creates a highly effective tool that the athlete will be able to use the rest of his or her career. Dr. Yessis also provides continued support through his wide product selection.

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                  • 50招口爱技巧视频教程

                    "What really captured my attention about your training methodologies is just how pro-active you are in trying to break down so many of the harmful paradigms that exist in this industry."

                    - Julian Kennett

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                  Dr. Yessis has written many books, journals and has compiled a multitude of products and resources for use during and beyond your individual training program. We offer many options and sport-specific products and resources, all available through our online store.

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